And god created women… The brand is partly inspired on the Greek Mythology. Every design is named after a Greek Goddess that represents a certain energy. Our first collection was called Gaia meaning she is the ancestral mother of all life: the primal Mother Earth goddess. And from Gaia all the designs where born…

The Medusa collection 

Our new collection is named after Medusa, meaning ‘Guardian’ in Ancient Greek. Medusa is a Goddess who is often misunderstood and only known and portraited as a monster. We want to present Medusa as the beautiful, powerful, and fierce Goddess she was before her tragic story changed her. Medusa was a Goddess with beautiful long hair and everybody who would look into her eyes would instantly fall in love with her beauty. The Goddess Athena was extremely jealous of Medusa and she transformed Medusa into a vicious monster with snakes for hair and everyone she looked upon would turn into stone..

We used all these beautiful stories as our inspiration and we gave it our own creative twist. And hopefully every woman can find herself in the designs and our story. We think it’s important for all the women out there to feel like a Goddess and be treated like one… But especially treats herself like one. The designs are created for every female body.

Find your design, join the AYA LABEL and be a Goddess!


Besides that we want to make beautiful designs for all women, AYA LABEL wants to be part of the environmental changes..
People all over the world are over using plastic which causes pollution of our environment. It comes from rubbish, fishing nets that are discarded, washing synthetic clothing and even by just brushing our own teeth. All these daily actions result that in the near future there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans.

Doesn’t sound good right?

Our designs are made of 78% recycled old fishing nets which create all of our swimwear you love! We are always looking for new recycled and sustainable fabrics to work with. But unfortunately working with these recycled materials isn’t enough… That’s why we donate a percentage of our profit towards environmental organizations that protect the oceans.

With our story and material usage we want to contribute to the awareness of the plastic problem all over the world.

Be a Goddess, Save the ocean!

Made of love and…

Swimwear: ECONYL® sustainable regenerated yarn (OEKO-TEX®)
Fishnet bags: Recycled cotton
Hygiene sticker: compostable made of wood pulp
Hangtags: Recycled paper
Polybag: Produced from renewable raw materials and is biodegradable
Shipping package: Recycled carton

Please see links (which inspires us) for more information and/or support:


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