Valentine's Day Gift for You

Add this beloved Coral Red Terry scrunchie manually to your cart once your order is above $100

this special discount campaign is valid till Valentinesday - Tuesday 14 february 2023.

Applied to all orders above $100.

Celebrate our love for the ocean

Available in 3 colors

Introducing: The Terry Fabric

AYA LABEL is proud to produce new designs in the perfect fabric for beachwear: Terry Fabric. Soft and 3D, it feels like sea sponges, making it incredibly comfortable to wear. Its extreme versatility and elasticity allows for the creation of elegant, romantic and long-lasting items. Not only is Terry beautiful and high performance, but it is also sustainably sourced from the sea and fishing nets, making it an eco-friendly choice. With AYA LABEL's new designs in Terry Fabric, you can look great and feel good knowing your bikini is helping to protect our planet.

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