Summer is almost here! So it’s time to fresh up your swimwear collection and complement it with the newest bikini trends. We are here to help and show you the newest trends for upcoming summer.

1. Cut-Outs

We already saw it in clothes, but cut-outs are now also a thing for your swimwear. Big or small, round or sharp all kinds are there this summer. You want to go all out with the cut-out trend? Our ‘Thalia Bathing suit’ is the perfect match for just that. From laying at the beach, to ending the day with cocktails on a rooftop bar, this bathing suit is perfect for the whole day.

cut out bikini
cut out bikini

2. Bright and pastel colours

This year you can really play around with colours. From bright neon to pastel colours everything is possible. According to the WGSN, one of the colours of this year is Lavender. And for your swimwear it is the best way to make your tan looks way better. Check out our ‘Lavender Persephone set’ that has the perfect combination of a flirty model with a cute colour.


Bright and pastel colour bikini


3. Retro Prints

If you want to go for a bit more fun, this trend is one for you. The retro prints are making their way back this year. Colourful prints who doesn’t instantly get happy from that? The new print ‘Groove’ is exactly what you need when retro is your style! 


Retro bikini
Retro Print bikini

4. Straps

The fourth trend we are going to see a lot this summer is bikinis with straps. And when we say straps, we mean a lot of straps. With the straps you can style your bikini however you want. Go have a look at our ‘Artemis top’. Wrap the straps however you want and create a completely new look every time you wear it.


strap bikini

5. Glitter

Lastly, glitter is going to be it this summer. The amount of glitter is totally up to yourself. Glitter fabrics, prints with glitter or just some little glitter accents, choose what suits with your style. If you feel like bikinis full of glitter is not your thing, but you do like some sparkle, our ‘Penelope set’ is what you’ve been looking for. The silver and gold stitching in this set has a little glimmer that looks even better in the sunshine.


glitter bikini



We are so excited to see how you girls are going to wear the trends of this summer, so don’t forget to tag us on instagram @aya.label 
Enjoy your summer,