We all know that finding the best bikini for your body shape can be really hard sometimes. But once you have found it, you will feel more confident than ever. We are here to help every woman feel beautiful, so thats why we've put together a list of body shapes and their ultimate bikini matches. 

So, first things first, let's figure out your body shape. There are five shapes that we use to find the best bikini for you. 

Apple: Your bust and waist are the broadest parts of your body. To amp up your curves and show off that waist, go for a classic high-waisted bottom like our Kalliope bottom. This bottom is designed to pull in your tummy and is super comfortable.

 Kalliope Bottom

Pear: If you've got wider hips, a smaller bust, and narrow shoulders, we've got your back. The secret is to draw all the attention to the top, patterns and padded cups will do the trick. Go for the Clio top in Print and we are sure all eyes are drawn to it.


Clio in Print

Athletic: This shape characterizes broad shoulders with straight bust waist and hips. For this shape, combining dark tops with colourful bottoms is the trick. Combine a Terry Aubergine top with a Terry Coral Red bottom for the perfect look.


 Demeter top Terry AubergineIris Bottom Terry Coral Red













Hourglass: Your bust and hips are beautifully balanced, so we need to keep it that way. Choose a top and bottom in the same colour, style and pattern. The Penelope Set comes in several colours and in Groove, so every woman can find one they like. The high bottom of the Penelope Set will highlight your waist even more!




Rectangle: If your silhouette is more on the straight and narrow side with minimal curves, don't worry - we've got just the thing. For this body type, the best possible bikini to wear is the Selene Set or the Iris Set. The triangle top gives you a feminine silhouette and the side tie bottoms emphasize the curve of your hips.



Don’t forget that everyone is unique and our bodies come in all shapes and sizes. The most important thing is feeling comfortable and confident in the bikini you choose. So go find your favourite bikini and enjoy your summer!