The sun is shining more and more, and we love it! The summer of 2024 is just around the corner, so it’s time to refresh your bikini collection with the latest trends! This year, various designs are making fun comebacks, and we’re also seeing new designs come to life. From bold cut-outs to glitter and cord locks, here are the trends that will make you shine 100 percent on the beach ;)
1. Cut-outs
Cut-outs have been known for years, and they’re hot again this year! The playful accents add a bold twist to your look. The (a)symmetrical cut-outs at the waist, hips, or shoulders bring an extra touch of sensuality to your beach look! With the Thalia Bathing Suit, the right spots are accentuated, making you the center of attention at the beach… 🌸
The Thalia Bathing Suit | Sage Green - AYA Label
2. High Waist
High waist bikini bottoms remain popular in 2024. This style is not only super flattering and comfortable but also gives a retro vibe to your look. The high waist accentuates your natural body and provides a timeless appearance. Pair these bottoms with a matching top, or mix & match for a unique style! 🧚🏼‍♀️
The Kalliope Bottom | Black - AYA Label
3. Glitters
Metallic has become extremely hot over the last year, and we’re carrying it forward into 2024! The shiny fabrics and metallic details will make you shine on the beach. Are you going for a full metallic look? Or for subtle sparkling details? One thing is certain, you’re going to stand out for sure ;) ☀️
The Selene Set | Glitter Purple - AYA Label
4. Two-way Bathing Suit 
A bathing suit in your swimwear collection is a must this year. This versatile item can be combined with everything, such as the trendy lace maxi skirts. With the Themis Bathing Suit, you can instantly transform your look. The swimsuits flatter your figure and are fantastic in the city or on the beach. 🥰
The Themis Bathing Suit | Ristretto - AYA Label
5. Cord locks
The cord lock has become hugely popular over the past year. Initially, we saw them mainly on 'parachute pants', but later they were also introduced on various other clothing items, including the new AYA design ‘The Pallas’. And I love it! This trendy detail ensures that you stand out from the rest, and it seems that the cord lock is here to stay. I can't wait to see where it will appear next! 🤩
5. Sustainable Swimwear
Sustainability is no longer just a trend. At AYA Label, is focused on eco-friendly fabrics and biodegradable fibers. Sustainable swimwear is not only better for the planet but also looks fantastic!
The Athena Set | Ristretto - AYA Label
The bikini trends of 2024 offer something for everyone, From all-time favorites to unique designs, a sustainable AYA bikini is available in every style ;) Whether you go for a bold or timeless look, with these trends you will 100 percent steal the show!