Puglia is in the south of Italy and is a hidden gem you simply must see. This region is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, expansive beaches, delightful restaurants, and charming shops. Whether you're seeking relaxation, adventure, or culinary delights, Puglia has it all. I know that sometimes, it can be difficult to find all the trendy spots, so that’s why I’ve created a list of all the must-sees and must-dos. This way, you can have the vacation/trip of your dreams! ✨
Puglia has the most beautiful beaches with crystal-clear waters. For the ultimate chill day, head to Baia delle Zagare. At this beach, you'll find the softest and most comfortable sunbeds. Relax all day and order your favourite snacks and drinks directly from your bed with the attentive waiters. Slip into our Beachwear Set, and you're ready to hit the bar that’s located at the hotel, where they serve the most delicious cocktails 🍹
If you're staying in Puglia for a while and want to explore the mainland, take a trip to the Tremiti Islands! This feels like a mini vacation within your vacation, and you'll be amazed by the blue waters and stunning beaches. Explore the island in your favourite AYA bikini and jump into the sea whenever you wish 🌊
Why Italy's Tremiti Islands should be on your radar
Of course, Puglia is also known for its markets. There are multiple markets scattered across the region. One of the most famous is in Ostuni, with over 200 stalls. Shop for the cutest products, enjoy a cocktail or dance to live music, you can do anything here!
You can't leave Puglia without visiting one of the major wineries in the region. This will be such a nice experience, whether you’re on a girlstrip or with your partner 💜
Renowned wineries include Cantine San Marzano and Tormaresca. There are always different wines to taste, so I’m sure there will be something you’ll like!
Cantine San Marzano: Tradition, Passion, Craftmanship - Decanter
An absolute must-visit in Puglia is the Grotta Palazzese restaurant. This unique restaurant is built in a natural cave on the coast of Polignano a Mare. It provides the most beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea and a magical ambiance which you won’t find anywhere else. Dining in Grotta Palazzese is an unforgettable experience where you can enjoy the most delicious dishes, prepared with fresh ingredients, during which you’ll hear the ocean beneath you. But I can advise you to book your table ahead, since it’s so popular :)
RISTORANTE GROTTA PALAZZESE, Polignano a Mare - Menu, prijzen en  restaurantbeoordelingen
I hope this will help you when planning your trip, and I wish you the best vacation ever!
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